CTIM exists to serve the churches of Medway. Churches and Christian organisations across the area are invited to sign up as members of CTIM and we also have the option for individuals to sign up as associate members. Here are some of the main reasons we encourage you to consider becoming a member of Churches Together in Medway today.

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Churches Together in Medway is:

An Expression of God’s Heart

Choosing to come together across our different denominations, traditions and backgrounds is an active sign of the unity that Christ desires for His Church. Churches Together in Medway exists as the broadest expression of Christian unity across Medway and is seeking to grow in the number and breadth of churches that we represent.

A United Voice

As the Church seeks to engage with local authority, police, and other statutory and voluntary organisations there are times when having a single and united voice makes this engagement more meaningful and fruitful. Your membership helps CTIM to represent churches more authentically and accurately across Medway. 

A Network of Friendship

Churches Together in Medway provides opportunities for Christian leaders to gather for mutual support, networking, and prayer. This predominantly takes place through our regular Ministers and Leaders’ Breakfast and Prayer events.

A Shared Resource

CTIM seeks to resource the local church by running events and activities that unite local Christians in prayer, worship, and action to see the kingdom of God advance in our communities and beyond. Your subscription fees and your active participation and engagement help to make events such as Saints Alive, Christmas Connect and the Summer Picnic and Prayer Event possible.

A Hub of Information

The CTIM website, monthly newsletter and social media presence are together increasingly functioning as ways of sharing important information about Christian events and initiatives that may be of benefit to the wider church. We are also currently developing our local directory to ensure that the Churches Together in Medway website holds the most comprehensive and up to date details about churches and Christian organisations across Medway.

Able To Do More Together

We celebrate all the wonderful and faithful ministry and mission taking place in churches across Medway, but we recognise that at times we are called to join together. Whether in social action, mission and evangelism, worship or prayer we can often do more and experience a special blessing when we work and dwell together. Please join us as we continue to work for the coming of the Kingdom of God here in Medway.