Senior Ministers and Leaders Prayer time, 2020-21

Saturday 7th Nov, 2020
9:30 am via ZOOM

We invite you to join together to pray for Medway and the Church here.

We will be praying especially for effective combating in our towns of the virus – medically, spiritually, socially and politically; and also for the Church, that it will adapt where it needs while faithfully proclaiming the message, and for the gifting to meet these challenging times.

Meeting ID: 856 9632 7894
Passcode: 768090
One tap mobile +44 203 0512 874

Tuesday 19th Jan, 2021
Venue TBC

Wednesday 10th March, 2021
Venue TBC

Thursday 13th May, 2021
Venue TBC

Saturday 10th July, 2021
Venue TBC

Wednesday 8th September, 2021
Venue TBC

Thursday 11th November, 2021
Venue TBC

NB:  Mondays and Fridays excluded as many have days off then; Saturdays included for those in secular employment